Palazzo Spada and private rooms of the State Council

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Palazzo Spada e le sale private del Consiglio di Stato


Palazzo Spada and private rooms of the State Council.

Guided tour of the Palace with "exclusive and extraordinary openness" and a limited number (max 23 participants) of the sumptuous rooms of the main floor, now the headquarters of the State Council, the block, Salon Pompeo, the perspective gallery of Borromini, the gallery of the sundial and the stucco gallery.

Saturday 16 November 2019

-The visit will be conducted by: Giulia Andioni, historian holding a qualification as a tourist guide of the Province of Rome.
-duration: circa 2 ore.
-Reception and registration: 30 'before, Piazza Capo di Ferro 13 (Campo dei Fiori).
-Booking is essential in order to receive confirmation that the visit will start, if there are still places available, whether it will be necessary to reserve the use of a headset to listen to our comfortably guide if the group exceeds the 15 subscribers, and especially to be contacted in case of changes. SEE BELOW HOW TO BOOK.

The palace was built between 1502 and the 1559 Bartholomew Baronio at the behest of Cardinal Capodiferro, passed in the next century the Cardinal Bernardino Spada, who had it restored and enlarged, instructing the Borromini to create the famous perspective gallery, just long 9 meters, It is perceived much more profound gaze. The optical illusion "trompe l'oeil" is obtained thanks to the side columns that become smaller toward the bottom, instead slightly uphill floor, at a time downward and converging walls. Inside the palace, now the headquarters of the State Council, preserved furniture, antique furniture, antique sculptures and paintings from the private collection of Cardinal Bernardino Spada, works by Guercino, Artemisia and Orazio Gentileschi, Guido Reni and many other artists of the seventeenth century Roman.

to see if we still have tickets available write to [email protected]
or send a text message to our coordinator Valeria 3383435907.
title and date of visit, name and surname of the person making the reservation, number of participants (specifying the ages of any children), mobile number and email address.
***The reservation is indispensable in order to receive confirmation and to be contacted in case of changes.

***Nota Bene: to gain access to the halls of the State Council must contact the registry data and the document number of those who intend to participate in the visit.
Personal data must be reported to the State Council by the 11/11 // 19

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