Paola Pivi. World Record

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Paola Pivi exhibition at the Maxxi Rome


From 3 April 8th September 2019, the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts presents Paola Pivi, Golden Lion a Venice Biennale in 1999. clean yes Hou Hanru e Anne Palopoli, the monographic exhibition, which occupies the entire gallery 5, It is an addictive site specific project perfectly nestled in the picturesque environments of the Museum.

The artist and his art

The artist's imagination is told through examples of works, whose realization part since the late nineties. A specific path, where the variety of expressive means used describe the artistic figure of Paola Pivi.

"I firmly believe that all human beings are equal, hatred and separation of cultures. The fact that some knowledge becomes incomprehensible for someone I do not like. ...…. I think it's simple: I do my art and people are free to look or not to look; of understanding or not understanding; …….. to think it's art or that it is not. It's not something I plan. It turns out well, but this is an added bonus "

The words of Paola Pivi They are the best presentation for experiencing the art made of great contrasts, exaggerated and ironic, where fun becomes one of access keys. With some ties to reality, free, It creates a new form, where reversals of meaning and visual contradictions mingle with the existence and nature, Also in his animal forms. The objects taken from everyday life are reinterpreted, so as to show other possible ways. In this way the works come to transform and customize the environment that surrounds them, playing with the living spaces, and making its art with ease and simplicity, as a "song" unexpected and imaginative everyday.

The exhibition

The journey begins with an environment that evokes the magic, and also the sense of play and lightness: Very fuzzy, of the 2019, are wheels with peacock feathers hanging on a wall, that driven by motors run without stopping; the grid formed by hundreds of yellow and red pillows, made from the tissues of the Tibetan monks robes, twisted and suspended in mid-air, is Share, but it’s not fair, of the 2012, and immediately you enter a "new" reality.

The series of miniature sofas, the late nineties, faithfully reproduced to scale dripping fragrance. The essence falling on the floor permeates the air, and through the sense of smell it comes into contact with the work.

Did you know I’m single?, of the 2010, a bearskin reminiscent of the hunting trophies but it is made of synthetic fur, as if to emphasize no violence towards nature.

Then the culmination of the exhibition with the work that gives the title: World record. the last huge installation created by the artist, in fact it occupies about a third of the gallery, It is composed of more than one hundred mattresses on two levels, that create a soft much space as narrow, in which the visitor is invited to enter, to relax and to abandon taxes other positions. You can lie on your back, seated, moving on all fours, experimenting with new perspectives.

Of note human box, of the 1994 early in his career, a cubic sculpture plexiglass of only ten centimeters per side, that seems to shake in its small dimensions all the creativity exploded in subsequent years.


very interesting and very stimulating exhibition, where the visitor is encouraged to interact with the works and, through them, with the same artist, in a game of sensations and reflections.

The works of Paola Pivi They are present in many prestigious permanent collections, among which are those of the Guggenheim Museum di New York he was born in Center Pompidou in Paris. The MAXXI, Moreover, hosts, from February 2018 the monumental installation, which earned her the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 1999, Without title (plane).


Info, Timetable and prices

Paola Pivi. World Record

From 3 April 8th September 2019, MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Via Guido Reni 4A

TIMETABLES: Tuesday-Sunday h 11-19, Saturday h 11-22, Monday closed

The ticket office closes one hour earlier
tickets: full € 12, reduced € 9.

Free for those eligible

Info: Tel.: +39 06 3201954, mail: