Palazzo Barberini, the ten new renovated rooms.

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Palazzo Barberini, the ten new renovated rooms


Last 12 December 2019 It took place the reopening to the public ten North Wing rooms on the main floor of Palazzo Barberini. After the restoration a few months before South Wing, in April 2019, successfully continuing the process of enhancement of the important Roman historic structure. On a draft Enrico Quell and under the care of the Director Palazzo Barberini Flaminia Gennari Santori, assisted by Maureen Cicconi e Michele Di Monte, It has opened a new exhibition organized in chronological order and with defined themes.


Palazzo Barberini and his new life


A project that began long ago and will see further steps of accomplishment as the same director says Santori: “The rearrangement of the ten rooms dedicated to the seventeenth century represents the necessary continuation of the renovation work began last January in the south wing of the palace, inaugurated in April ……. The next October will affect the rooms dedicated to the sixteenth century and will conclude in 2021, when it will also be re-equipped the ground floor. This is the result of a new conceptual framework of the museum that I think from my settlement, in December 2016, and focuses Palazzo Barberini an exhibition narrative structure from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, trying to also enhance the history of the building and the Barberini, leaving intact the eighteenth-century paintings Galleria Corsini”.

We will see then the complete recovery of the place that can be defined, for the richness contained, among the most impressive Baroque, with the ambition to make available to the public the outstanding art collections, eloquent sign of great prestige and power of the Barberini family that reached its peak with Pope urban VIII, Maffeo Barberini.


Ten rooms

550 square meters a new exhibition space in which they are reorganized 80 works enhanced by a more airy collocation. The architectural structures, the punctual lighting system, together with teaching aids, the subject of the restoration works together and adjusted to recent works South Wing, build a circular exhibition that allows visitors to enjoy the works and the building sites in their striking beauty, exalting the majesty imagined and carried out by Maderno, Borromini e Bernini.


80 said works, witness the great skill of their authors, masterpieces that leave from the late sixteenth century and, in a more consistent way, tell us about the best in the history of the seventeenth century. Organized by themes and topics the exhibition itinerary proceeds through geographical and chronological references. In the first room given to the late sixteenth century we can find, among others, paintings of Jerome Scicolante, Marcello Venusti e staff Pulsone, to follow one devoted mainly to the Venetian with Tintoretto, Palma the Younger, and a charming Venus and Adonis of the Titian School. Then the room "The genre" with works, among the others, of Jacopo Bassano e Bartolomeo Passarotti, according to which one dedicated exclusively to 'altarpiece portable Annibale Carracci, and that of the great landscapes Paul Bril. Then again the Bolognese School with Domenichino, Guido Kidneys, Guercino, e Caravaggio, whose three works: Giuditta e Oloferne, Narciso e St. Francis in Meditation, occupy as many rooms by engaging spaces that highlight the artist's extraordinary, whose revolutionary and influential painting is demonstrated in the hall dedicated to Italian and foreign Caravaggio.


Thus a formidable artistic wealth emphasized by masterfully restored monumental spaces, by sometimes magically frescoed, by harmonics architectures and wondrous decorations.


With these new ten rooms on Palazzo Barberini It can now offer its audience a whole 42 sale with over 400 works, many of which were previously relegated to deposits, starting from the Middle Ages and arrive until the eighteenth century presenting himself as the absolute value of the National Gallery.


Info, Timetable and prices

Palazzo Barberini Via delle Quattro Fontane 13

Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday h 8.30-19. The ticket office closes at h 18.

Ticket: Adults € 12, Reduced € 2 Palazzo Barberini + Corsini Gallery(Via Lungara, 10 - Closed on Tuesday)

Info: Tel +39 06 4814591