LA STRADA. Where you create the world

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La Strada. Where you create the world. Show the Maxxi Rome


From 7 December 2018 al 28 April 2019

At MAXXI, clean yes Hou Hanru, from 2013 artistic director of the MAXXI, and staff curatorial and museum research, The exhibition transforms the museum space into a huge and chaotic city theater.


THE ROAD - The exhibition

over 200 works created by more than 140 artists for an articulated and spectacular invasion that exhibits the street as a place crossed by multiple meanings. Battlefield from years 60, when artists began to fill the streets with their provocations and their rebellions, defining the social debate and permit policy. Intending then place the road where you create the world, The exhibition unfolds the different scenarios where creativity meets everyday giving birth to a new idea of ​​community.


The path winds through several key themes of contemporary life, describing a physical location at the confluence of private and public psychological elements. At the same time a place of self-regeneration stimulated by the intervention of planners, designers and artists. So the works and the proposed videos show an experiments and projects territory, that arise from the same communities that inhabit.

The different sections in fact addressing issues fundamental to interpret the new functions and identities of the road in the contemporary world.


Sections of the exhibition

  • Streets Politics is the section that describes the road as a natural scene of clashes, protests and demonstrations. Here we find, among others, drawings and print the covers of anti-racist protests Andrea Bowers, collages of feminist Marinella Senatore, along with the works of Yang Jiechang e Pak Sheung on the facts of Tiananmen Square of the 1989 and the Umbrellas Movement Hong Kong to 2014. Other Posters, tele and video as Walked The Way Home of Eric Baudelaire give a complete overview of the topics covered.


  • Good Design instead it deals with the subject of new technologies as elements of inspiration for designers. The road then as a space to experiment with a new idea of ​​sharing, environmental sustainability and mobility. In artist machines, starting from Andy Warhol with his creation for BMW 1979, follow each other 40 artists who address the different stages of development to more environmentally friendly means of transport. Ciclomovil of Pedro Reyes e Velodream of Patrik Tuttofuoco expand the range of creative approaches for future mobility.


  • Community It examines perhaps the most current theme; the road as community identity laboratory in relation to integration. Rethinking urban spaces that tend to ghettizzare minorities for peaceful coexistence. Very interesting work Crossed Anamorphosis the collective Good mix, a large wall designed specifically for MAXXI. As the social circle of benches in the form of Jeppe Hein in Modified Social Benches.


  • Everyday life is the conjunction between public and private space, with its sides shows the darker sides that we would not see. It shows us what we encounter almost daily on the road: the marginalized, the excluded; or control operated from surveillance tools now present everywhere, how does it reflect the work of Khalil Altindere Mobese (Gold Camera).


  • Interventions section composed of more than 30 videos that reveal how from years 60 the research and artistic interpretations have investigated public space. First as a gambling place, interaction and sharing put in comparison with the loss and the private today selfishness.


  • Open Institutions the museum becomes a square, no longer an institution closed. A shared space with alternating events and trigger processes, it becomes just an open institution. The videos present Simon Fujiwara New Pompidou project O Riding modern Art of Raphael Zarka They tell how modern museums have taken the characteristics of the road.


  • Mapping It held the last issue of architectural and urban research. Tied to the subject of the flow of people and goods offering modern solutions as hypothetical smart city whose men are assisted by new technologies. Very impressive to timeline Rethinking the City, an entire wall in which a time line traces a century of theories and projects from the nineteenth century Paris to the research of Skycar City of the 2006 from MVRDV.


This exhibition rich and impressive is presented as an opportunity for reflection on the future of urban life, human relations, on the relationship between private and public, and how our choices can affect inevitably the future; and how art and culture are fundamental to always look for a better way.


Info, Timetable and prices

LA STRADA. Where you create the world

From 7 December 2018 al 28 April 2019

MAXXI, Via Guido Reni 4A

Schedule: Tuesday – Friday h 11.00 – 19-00, Saturday h 11.00 – 22.00, Sunday 11.00 – 19.00
The ticket office closes one hour earlier

Closed Mondays

Ticket: Adults € 12, Reduced € 9

Tel. 06 3201954 Tuesday to Sunday from h10.00 until closing