Impressionists secrets

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Impressionists secrets shows roma 2019-2020


From 6 October 2019 March 8 2020 at the Palazzo Bonaparte, Piazza Venezia, the largest exhibition of Impressionist Rome has ever hosted.


For the inauguration, indeed, the new cultural center, located in the main floor of the building it is being considered an important international event honoring recall French artistic movement best known to the world: Impressionism.


The exhibition

over 50 works the most famous Impressionists from Renoir a Cezanne, gives Pissarro a Signac, and then Cross, Gonzalès, Morisot, Van Rysselberghe, Caillebotte and naturally Gauguin e Monet. Coming from the most important private collections in the world and generally can not be visited, represent a rare opportunity, if not unique, to enjoy "Secrets" of the masters who were able to capture the transient effects of light and color.


Produced and realized by Arthemisia Group with the sponsorship of 'Embassy of France and of Lazio region, the treatment was carried out by experts of great international: Claire Durand-Ruel, which has in its DNA the sensitivity knowledge of the art world, He is a descendant of that Paul Durand-Ruel who was prime supporter of the Impressionists, and who revolutionized the role of art dealer, scientific director of the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris, headquarters of the richest collections in the world of Claude Monet, e Berthe Morisot, already curator of the exhibition of Monet hosted by the Victorian that attracted over the 450.000 visitors. A warranty, then, of expertise and absolute value added experience.


It will be more immediate and accurate plunge into the route marked by these artists who reject the references of academic painting reflecting on a new look, shifting attention to the natural color of objects at a given time. It is an attempt to reproduce the same visual impressions watch live, and it is habit depict outdoors. And the water light and the reflections of the ripples are examples of their technique that leaves the grays and blacks to the use of new and complementary pure intense colors, avoiding the linearity of form to extend all possible subjects paintings.


the Impressionists

The first exhibition, independent of the official salon of the Academy of France, It took place in 1874. The name that defined the new artistic wave was based on a framework of Monet, Impression, levar the sole, to which a satirical journalist was inspired by an article mocking against them, and that they remained artists to perfectly describe their intention to transmit visual impressions.


At the time, scientific thought began to define what the eye perceived by what the brain included. In practice, considering that belonged and two different fields. The impressionists concentrated on the first area to try to capture the optical phenomena of light and to build objects from pure color stains that harmonizes or is in contrast.


The Palazzo Bonaparte

The seat of the exhibition represents a further return element. As we said at the beginning, the inauguration of the restored Palazzo Bonaparte, adds charm and fascination. This baroque castle, but from the Renaissance rigor it was bought in 1818 the mother of Napoleon, Letizia Ramolino, who fell in love with the architectural jewel, He lived there until his death in 1836. Designed by architect Giovanni Antonio De Rossi has about 3000 m rich stucco work, frescoes and mosaics. From 1972 It became Generali Real Estate, that, after the restoration began in 2017, has become a new hub of art and culture that in addition to exhibitions of the highest value can host cultural and educational events with a focus on young people and families.


Info, Timetable and prices

Impressionists secrets, Palazzo Bonaparte, Venice plaza 5

From 6 October 2019 March 8 2020

Schedule: From Monday to Friday h 9-19, Saturday and Sunday h 9-21

Special openings: Friday 1 November and Sunday 8 december h 9-21, Tuesday 24 december h 9-15.30, Wednesday 25 december h 15.30-21, Thursday 26 december h 9-21, Tuesday 31 december h 9-15.30, Wednesday 1 January h 15.30-21, Monday 6 January h 9-21

costs: Adults € 15 (with audioguide € 16), Reduced € 13 (with audioguide € 14), Reduced children (4-11 years) € 7, Reduced groups (me 15 max 25) € 12

The ticket office closes one hour earlier

Info: 06 8715111