"The sounds of Trajan" inaugurates the tour "Sounds of Italy Geology"

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i suoni di Traiano


The 21 October Enrico Rava will join the quartet of Marco Guidolotti and the eMusic team for the debut concert of the tour "Sounds of Italy Geology", the Citadel of Civitavecchia Music.

Enrico Rava is the special guest, with Quartet Marco Guidolotti and the eMusic team in "The Trajan Sounds" event organized by Kate Creative Studio with contributions from the Lazio Region to live performances and co-financed by Italy Sustainable Foundation on Monday 21 October at the Citadel of Music in Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 2, Civitavecchia (RM) at 21.00.
"The Trajan Sounds" is the debut of the scientific-musical project, curated by eMusic, entitled Sounds of Geology of Italy, opportunity to travel to Italy and exploit the immense landscape and cultural heritage of our country linger attention 4 characteristic sites, each of which is linked to a particular moment in the evolution of the peninsula.

Thanks to the power of the eMusic and its draft sonification of electromagnetic waves, used by geologists to investigate the subsurface, each concert will be a location where you alternate intervals of scientific and popular character combining the scientific aspects apparently less "easy" to be enjoyed by the common viewer, with those artistic, more immediate impact.
In the specific case of "The Sounds of Trajan" we will have the opportunity to speak of the thermal waters of Civitavecchia, used since antiquity (archaeological site of the Baths of Trajan) and to this day (Aquafelix Water Park and Hot Springs Ficoncella).
The show will then be a real journey through time that will see the geologist Antonio Menghini explain the evolutionary processes of the territory (or how they were formed the constituent rocks the subsoil, as we have modified the climate and the landscape in the course of geological eras, etc.), and introduce the music performed by musicians, also suggesting a key, as well as a real listening guide.

The Quartetto di Marco Guidolotti (made up of the leaders on saxophones, Happy Tazzini floor, Francesco Pierotti on bass and on drums Valerio Advantage) joined Stefano Pontani (guitar and loops) and Riccardo Marini (electronics) of eMusic, It will be called to a real jam session, where the geology of the area will provide the "score" on which to improvise.
For the occasion, the audience will enjoy the prestigious participation as special guest of Enrico Rava, the most important Italian jazz musician known throughout the world.
Participants in this experience will come out with an enrichment not only musical and artistic, but also scientific, having had the opportunity to learn in a pleasant way of Geology concepts, Geophysics, Paleontology and Mineralogy.
Info and Contacts

"The Sounds of Trajan" - 21 October 2019 – ore 21.00 - Cittadella della Musica
Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 2, 00053 Civitavecchia (RM) – Tel. 0766.679621