Frida Kahlo. The chaos inside

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Frida Kahlo The chaos inside


From 12 October 2019 al 29 March 2020 at SET, the Tirso Events Space, an exhibition that looks like a real exploration of the world and life of the great Mexican artist.

The competent authority of curators terraced, Sergio Uribe, Alejandra Matiz, Ezio Pagano e Maria Rosso, It has managed to bring out fully the traits most eloquent and intimate an extraordinary and intense life, where the recurring physical pain is transformed into art.

The exhibition

Hundreds of images, including photographs of Leo Matiz, the letters along with diaries and, obviously, the works, in Modlight format, form a path littered with telltale clues to the complex universe and charming Frida Kahlo. Besides clothes and jewelry present inspired the artist tell us what the character Frida He has entered the popular imagination revealing himself as one of the artistic icons of the twentieth century.

Thanks to the clever use of technology and multimedia, the exhibition provokes an impressive sensory impact. Enter virtually in the charming rooms of his Blue house Mexico City, offers surprising and exciting sensations. His study that evokes all his creativity, and the bedroom where immobilized for a long time, immediately after the accident, He discovered his aspirations, mean that the visitor, from the beginning, involved making it literally soak in the whimsical everyday Kahlo, even through the plants and the perfumes he loved.

Walking through the halls deepens the pressing relationship with his body and everything that caused her both physically and mentally, the scope of its sentimental intimacy with Diego Rivera, his husband, which will be present one of its portrait of Frida, an unpublished rarities, and its relations with politics; all this to try to explain the value and artistic significance of his painting that inevitably rises regardless of the iconic storytelling.

Thus the artist's talent emerges to overcome the various labels or memberships to artistic currents. It is the colorful world and articulate the Kahlo that unexpectedly explodes with its symbolism revealing.

Reading the letters we find that almost come to life and admiring his images feel its authentic look. It is the artist's magic when it becomes work of art itself.

Since my subjects have always been my feelings, my mental states and profound reactions that life has been producing in me, I frequently objectified all this in pictures of myself, who they were the most truthful thing I could do to express what I felt inside and outside of me ".

So you expressed Kahlo speaking of his artistic production, to which the title of the exhibition "The chaos inside" It pays homage to the energetic strength and intense search for life.


Frida Kahlo

He dreamed of becoming a doctor, and since his teens Frida shows a strong personality, passionate and an independent spirit. founded in 1907, in the suburb of Mexico City of Coyoacàn, by Hungarian Jewish parents, He was admitted to the best high school in Mexico, National High School.

The 17 September 1925, at the age of 18 years, coming home from school is the victim of an accident that the mark for life. A tram runs into the bus on which he was traveling, There will be several dead and his spine is broken in three places, as well as undergo numerous fractures and due to a handrail entered in the left hip and exited through the vagina, lose the ability to have children.

Subirà 32 operations, remain in the hospital for three months and nine months will have to wear different plaster busts and remain motionless in his bed. And that's where his indomitable personality becomes immobility into an opportunity: He began painting.

In late 1927 starts walking and resume a normal life, even if the pain does not abandon the most. Become an activist of the Communist Party, then he knows Diego Rivera, already famous painter, which he submits its works to have an authoritative critical. They will marry twice in a stormy relationship and fluctuating. He had numerous lovers of both sexes listing period relevant names as the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, the poet André Breton or dancer and singer Josephine Baker. He died at the age of 47 years and his last words were left on the personal diary:

"I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return". Words acute and excruciating as his sensitive and the cruel life art.


Info, Timetable and prices

Frida Kahlo. The chaos inside

From 12 October to 29 March, September - Space Events Tirso, Via Tirso 16/18

Schedule: From Monday to Friday h 9.30-20, Saturday and Sunday h 9.30-21

Last entry 30 minutes before closing

Ticket: Adults € 12, Reduced (Teachers and Over 65) € 10

Info: Tel. +39 3888507930, mail