Of the spiritual art matters

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Of the spiritual art matters


From 17 October 2019 March 8 2020 the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts home to the largest group exhibition that brings together the works of authors of the most important of the current art scene.

The exhibition project, edited by Bartholomew Pietromachi and strongly supported by the President of the MAXXI Foundation Giovanna Melandri, explores the immense universal theme of spiritual space through the expressions of contemporary art in a revealing dialogue with antiquity and its relationship with the transcendent. And the stresses are surprising.

Nowadays what is the space reserved for the spiritual? In a society so taken by the technological culture that is intervening in a decisive manner on our mentality that meaning plays a discussion on the spiritual sphere? And art still feels a need determined expression from that scope?

The President of the MAXXI Giovanna Melandri in the introduction to the theme of the exhibition so says: "The question of being, spiritual man on expansion, called artistic research has always. As Schopenhauer wrote art can miraculously rise above life and contemplate ... transcending it.. It was not easy to define the profile and the boundaries, but I am sure that this exhibition will contribute even more to expand the range of artistic research and the ideal 'laboratory' MAXXI ".

The exhibition

Nineteen artists of great international stature representing cultures and training paths and different trials. The works for the majority of very recent production and reworked specifically for the MAXXI spaces are flanked by seventeen archaeological finds from major museums; dai Vatican museums, from National Roman Museum, al Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia and Capitoline Museums. The appropriately selected findings in the period from 'eighth century B.C.. the late fourth century A.D., almost from the origins of Rome until Christianity became the state religion, point out the path of the man-sacred relationship from the pagan collective dimension to the classic individual post.

The continuous references between the ancient and the contemporary tickle and stimulate the visitor in a deep reflection.

Artists and Works

We spoke of the importance of the artists, names of great importance in the international scene, present with different installations like Matilde Cassani with its woven cloth, threshold that introduces part of the sacred, and those of Haris Epaminonda, Remo, Salvadori, Jimmi Durham e Siedlecki Namsal realized or redesigned to this exhibition, with Enzo Cucchi, to which the MAXXI is dedicating the same time deepening the Art Collection in the Gian Ferrari Hall until January 2020. for hands beat interesting and particular compositions Hassan Khan and evocative songs of Tibetans Kimsooja introducing the central space where the two-dimensional works of John Armleder, Abdoulaye Konaté, Sean Scully, Francesco Clemente e Victor Man interact and engage with the Statua leontocefala, the Necklace Chrismon one to Gem of the goddess Roma materializing the spiritual ancient past. Then again the vivid images of Shirin Neshat, suggestive videos Michal Royner e Jeremy Shaw, Elisabetta Di Maggio recreating with stamps the floor of the Basilica of San Marco, Tomás Saraceno that the spider silk brings out magical sounds, and in the end you end up with Yoko Ono and a work of art collective.

Quoting Bartholomew Pietromachi, who he is also director of MAXXI Arte, we can perfectly define the idea of ​​setting the artistic review, and no matter how engaging the visit and the deepening of the theme, In fact, he says: "The coexistence and the relationship between opposing elements is very evident and its highlighted is the strength of the entire project. E 'is this impossible composition of body and soul, between matter and spirit to be the closest representation of our essence. With 'art spiritual matter' I mean that leverages this dichotomy, between a material dimension linked to personal experience and a need to find practical and meanings that they raise the spirit above it ".

Also noteworthy initiatives at very attractive fringes: the 4 December 2019 There will be a lesson performancedel Master Krishna Das on Vedic philosophy, the 17 December 2019 There will be a talk with the artist Jimmi Durham, the keynote address Corrado Augias, the 21 January 2020, and of Massimo Recalcati the 7 March 2020, and the presence of the archaeologist Andrea Carandini in a dialogue with Bartholomew Pietromarchi the 23 January 2020.

Info, Timetable and prices:

Of the spiritual art matters

From 17 October 2019 March 8 2020, MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts Via Guido Reni 4 / a

Schedule: From Tuesday to Friday and Sunday h 11-19, Saturday h 11-22. Monday closed

Ticket: Adults € 12, Reduced € 9. lower Freeware 14 years. The ticket office closes one hour before closing of the museum.

Info: +39 3201954, mail infopoint@fondazionemaxxi.it