Amare architecture. Gio Ponti

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Amare architecture. Gio Ponti


From 27 November 2019 al 13 April 2020 at MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the death of Gio Ponti, the exhibition dedicated to the great architect and designer of the most prestigious of the twentieth century.


Gio Ponti

A great opportunity to discover the prolific and creative cross-disciplinary Gio Ponti, He became one of the figures of greater influence, especially from the second post-war, in causing an earthquake in architecture and designer, suggesting new ways to organize the space of living, until you get to open the way to new exciting prospects for his contemporaries and sources of inspiration for new generations. Symptomatic are the words of the President of the Fondazione MAXXI Giovanna Melandri: ”Celebrate the greatness of Gio Ponti means plunging into a legacy that has no equal in versatility, head, application. Private buildings and public clients, companies and places of study, everyday objects and furniture for offices and ships, cathedrals and museums, alternate in a search, never dogmatic or ideological, where dialogue classicism and modernity, natural and urban landscape horizon, social vocation of the space and preservation of beauty.”

His multidisciplinary interests are fundamental strength of a cultural line that manages to bring together the art, architecture, The design and decor, and from Milan it expands around the world, from Sweden to Hong Kong, from Venezuela to the United States to Persia.

Writer refined author of numerous books, among the most famous Love the architecture evoked by the title of the exhibition, He is the founder of the magazine Domus, born 1928, and director until his death, with a temporal interlude, from 1941 al 1948, where he directed Style. Domus, one of the most influential magazines in the industry, He was for Ponti both an informative tool and international discussion of the various trends of applied arts, architecture and urbanism, characterizing the path parallel with its innovative design activity.


The exhibition


Rich and engaging features many archival materials, photo, furniture furniture, magazines and books, all connected to its architectural creations. There are eight sections that tell and investigate the fundamental concepts theorized by Gio Ponti, structured with an immersive and theatrical setting which conveys to the surfaces of games and colors, and the colored and dynamic spaces by himself designed.

Towards the exact house It is an analysis for the definition of adequate space to a modern life, and we are also a deepening of his Milan apartment in Via Dezza.

classicisms It is the section of important commissions, the focus is mainly the thirty years of massive urbanization projects.

Residential nature It proposes some projects in California and on the Mediterranean coast through which Bridges tackles the theme mutual influence between architecture and environment.

In Architecture of the surface the walls are elements suspended, facades become surfaces to pierce or to fold, where the ceramic coatings create a dialogue with the reflections of light and references.

The glass architecture is the collection of projects presented at different scales, we find the church of St. Charles Borromeo in Milan up to design products.

Finally section light facades with the presentation, among the others, of the Co-Cathedral of Taranto of the 1970 he was born in Department store De Bijenkorf Eindhoven realized between 1967 and the 1968,

and sections Apparitions of skyscrapers e The City of Entertainment.

Also noteworthy it is before the entrance to the gallery interesting photography project conceived and curated by Paolo Rosselli, in which seven photographers portray ten famous works Gio Ponti, from Pirelli tower Milan to Villa Planchart Caracas, dall’ dei Principi Hotel Sorrento to School of Mathematics in Rome, recounting the lives of our days.


clean yes Maristella Casciato e Fulvio Irace, in collaboration with Margherita Guccione, Salvatore Licitra e Francesca Zanella The exhibition is enhanced by an interesting program of screenings and lectures, providing useful tools to the understanding of the articulated and complex figure of Gio Ponti.


Between January and February 2020 at 11.30 The architectural histories, five lessons to deepen the multifaceted activities of Bridges.

The 7 February at 18.30 a monograph devoted to the unpublished draft Gio Ponti held in Rome between the Janiculum 1960 and the 1965 the headquarters of the religious congregation Notre Dame di Sion, remained unknown so far.

The 14 February 2020 at 18 the screening of a documentary with historical materials and interview the same Bridges.


Info, Timetable and prices

Amare architecture, From 27 November 2019 al 13 April 2020

MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Via Guido Reni 4 / a

Schedule: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday h 11-20, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday h 11-19.

24 e 31 december h 11-17.30, 6 January h 11-20

Monday closed

Ticket: Adults € 12, Reduced € 9

Info: 06 3201954, 060608